How to Write a Great Query Letter

When we started 67 Press, we did so because we love great writing.  We see ourselves as a collective, not a company.  We want to work with authors to help them realize their vision, to help them create art.  This may seem antiquated in our current times, where souls are traded for plastic every day and a life worth living is measured in pounds of consumerism, but to us; it’s all that matters.

Our intention is not, and will never be, to find authors who write “great query letters”.  We don’t reread the authors we love because they learned how to write a query. We love them because they wrote great stories. We want you to do the same, focus on writing great stories, creating great characters, and knocking your readers socks off every day.  Leave the query letters to the other guys, if you’re interested in working with us, send us your story.  We do want you to include a little something about yourself, but don’t send us a query letter, it’s a waste of your time – we’re not going to read them.

If you think you’d like to work join us and have work to submit, please click here for our general submissions guidelines.