About 67 Press

67 Press, a division of 67 Creative Productions, is a literary publishing collective founded to give fringe authors a vehicle to be heard.  Our goal is finding talented people on the edge of society with something to say, who don’t fit into a neat little box for mainstream publishers.  We find talent and help that talent work within their vision to create a finished product.  We do all the things that other publishers do, but we do it with the author in mind, not the bottom line or focus groups.  We would never tell an author their book doesn’t fit into a specific genre, it’s too audacious or “we just don’t think it will sell”.  We believe great stories and great writing transcend subject matter and audience.

At 67 Press, author and publisher work together to create art.  Our mission is to provide the services needed while working in collaboration with the author and their vision.  We are not “a bunch of editors with lawyers” like many other publishing companies. We have a passion for the written word and a tireless dedication to the people that write them.