Authors We Work With

Spider McQueen 

Spider ran away from home at the tender age of fifteen and began her new life as vagabond wanderer.  She mines material from the many people she’s befriended and the experience they’ve shared over years. Barely making it out of the Army on an honorable discharge, she has been on the filthy roads of alcoholism and drug addiction and been in enough institutions to make Lindsey Lohan’s publicist jealous. A painter, a musician and an author of many abstract concoctions, Spider prefers to remain in her circle of the weird and the eccentric. 

Barclay Jones

Barclay Jones plays the corporate game by day and fights Zombies by night.  He lives by his own rules and encourages you to do the same.

Jim Doering

Jim’s stories have been featured in Meat For Tea, Punchnel’s, Mad Scientist Journal, The Daily Palette, Prime Number Magazine, Blue Monday Review, and the anthologies The Salmagundi and Affiinity. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He serves as Executive Editor of Blue Monday Review.

Clodagh O’Brien

Has been published in many interesting places. A Dublin resident, she prefers to write in bed and realizes there are too many books in the world to read before she dies. She is the Assistant Editor of poetry and short fiction at the online literary journal,The Bohemyth. You can find her writings & musings at

Michael Cooper

Is member of PoetrIE and a MFA student at CSUSB who is fascinated by the fragmentation of language. He can be found in Shuf, BlazeVox, Camel Saloon, and many others.He feels we are at our most beautiful at our point of failure: orchids in the same vase of water.

Brice Ezell

Is writer and columnist for PopMatters. He also contributes to Sea of Tranquility and Glide Magazine. He will soon be pursuing his PhD in dramatic literature, and is currently finishing his first play.

Jeffrey Sykes

Jeff has written poetry and songs since childhood. After working as a journalist he’s begun to explore his dream of writing fiction. A student of history, he enjoys good writing in all forms. On Twitter @jeffreysykes

Travis N. Hipp

Travis is a freelance writer, musician, teacher and certified project manager.He has walked across Spain, plays bass guitar, and speaks Spanish.He and his wife and daughter split time between Winston-Salem, NC and Chile. Contact:

S.T. Strelitz

Is an MA student at the University of Central Florida. She has been writing — on napkins, on the back of her hand, in Moleskines, etc — since she was a pre-teen. She is intrigued by the human imagination, and this interest spurs her writing.

Donald George Losey

Mr. Losey was born in North Carolina in 1988. He has appeared on, The Salmagundi and Affinity.

Freedom Chevalier

Freedom has worked continuously in various written mediums since retiring from live performance in the late 90s, preferring to focus largely on the California Gothic and Hard-Boiled genres. Follow on twitter @ReallyFreedom and on Facebook or on her website,